Monday, November 16, 2015

Follow-Up: The Lightning Strike

 At Wat Nokor

Elder Slavens and I were biking from an area way up north of our house and it was probably 7:30ish when storms start to roll in. And when it rains, it pours (literally). So we had to stop and buy two rain ponchos, and then we started going again. Right where we hit the threshhold between "sort of recognizable" and "middle of nowhere" lightning struck close to us and then kind of close to us, so the thunder was super loud and we freaked out and started biking faster. Then right next to us ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD 5 FEET AWAY, lightning flashed faster than our lives could flash before our eyes. I was so scared that we made it home in like 5 minutes after that. And when we got home, I still couldn't gather my thoughts, so it took another few hours before I could even gather the fortitude to ask Elder Slavens if that lightning strike was a part of my imagination or not.--the confirmation of which scared me a little more. Nothing to worry about, though. Love you momma.

 Wat Nokor

Gosal is the most interesting person that we taught this week. He is a guard at a fried chicken restaurant called CP. There are so many interesting things about him, but to start off, every time he reads the word "God" in the scriptures, he adds on "..the lord God" so even when he comes upon a scripture that says "the Lord God" he will say "God the Lord God, the Lord God." Haha. He always asks weird questions, too, like, "Why are devils evil?" and "What will we get when we go to heaven?" and "Could I become a prophet?" etc. Unfortunately, he is leaving in like a month to go to some far place, so we need to find a better way to set appointments with him.

 Giant Cambodian Millipede

Elder Slavens and I have hit our stride. We work so well together and are getting some serious work done. Our mission started a new agenda to have every companionship get 8 contacts a day, but Elder Slavens and I double that almost every day. Because of our heavy contacting lately, we have two return appointments today and got a couple of new really good investigators last week. Before, contacting wouldn't provide any sort of fruit (because we suck at being missionaries), but lately we've just been getting lucky and running into the right kind of people. Also, Elder Slavens and I have this new contacting method where we just wave at people and start walking along with their moto, so they stop, because they think we have something to tell them, which we do. Haha. That's not really our new contacting method--it just worked really well for a couple hours. 

Also we had an interview with our President this week, and I know that man is called of God. I had literally one concern for each of the last two times I went to an interview, and both times they were 100% resolved. President Christensen is super cool.


Elder Hall 

[Editor's Note: To post or not to post? The following video may be offensive to some...Wyatt says "w_ _ ner" a couple of times. It's pretty funny, but if you think you'll be offended, don't push play.] 


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Q & A Session

Elder Slavens and Wyatt

Q: Does Cambodia get extreme weather?
A: No, extreme weather no. But it rains so hard that you can't see your hand in front of your face. And now I'm constantly afraid of being struck by lightning, because I almost got struck by lightning that one time. [Editor's note: What???!!!]

Q: How are you doing this week?
A: I am doing so well this week. I love how much I'm learning, and how every time I read my patriarchal blessing, I see myself differently. I had a really vivid dream that I went home last night, and it was so scary, I was not ready to go home. I am approaching my year mark, but I honestly feel like I have been here for only a month or two. 

Q: What are your hopes/goals for this week?
A: I hope that this week I will get my package, and be able to teach a lot of lessons, and set 4 or 5 baptismal dates. 

Should I stay or should I go?

Q: What was a spiritual moment you experienced this week?
A: We taught a guard at a nearby restaurant about prayer, and what resounded with him was the fact that you can pray over your food, because he saw us pray over our food a week or two ago. So when I"m in public places here I will always over my food, because someone is watching. 

Q: How has your testimony grown recently?
A: Instead of having cold feet about promising certain blessings during lessons, I am able to promise people very boldly (because what I didn't use to have a testimony of, I now can honestly promise). It's not in specific areas; just generally, I am gaining a stronger and stronger testimony. 

Q: What made you laugh this week? 
A: I got to go on an exchange with Elder Ros last week, and we had some good times. I can't think of anything specific, but it was a good day. 

Elder Ros and Wyatt

Final story: During the week, all of our investigators said they couldn't come to church on Sunday. However, we prayed that even though none of our investigators could come to church, we would have somebody be there, and 2 people were there! We set up appointments and parted ways after church, so we will see what becomes of them. Really cool to see a specific prayer answered after a week full of disappointments. God is looking after his missionaries!


Elder Hall