Monday, March 14, 2016

Under Cover Cop

My new companion is Elder Bullough. He is from Orem, UT--right by where Katie used to live. He has been here for 2 transfers, so I am a "mom" again. Haha. 

One of the sister missionaries that I'm working with right now is Khmae. Her name is Sister Ren, and she is the hardest working sister I have ever seen. She contacts at least 80 people a week and all the members love her--she just gets stuff done. Yeah, I can see how some of the most effective missionaries are sisters. 

This week we got two new investigators with a couple more on the way. One of them was a contact that we got, and the others are referrals. This is a good area for contacting because there are these random villages just full of people. It's not like KC where all the people are super spread apart. So when we have 3 or 4 hours of contacting we can just pick one of these villages and go contact every one in that village. Although not everyone wants to learn, we meet people and they just gain an overall respect for the white guys with black tags.

In fact, I started talking to a guy, and he was a little tipsy (it was 3 o'clock lol). He started talking to us about these other people that are Christians in that village. When I asked him how he knew all this, he just drops it on me that he's an under cover cop. Haha. I think it's some French word they're trying to say with their khmae accents, like "derbes" or something like that. Anyways, then he started talking about the usual anti-Vietnam stuff that all of them talk about, and then he goes, "Wait! You know how to speak Khmae?!" Haha! I started busting up so hard. He thought he was speaking English that whole time. Maybe tipsy wasn't a strong enough word for whatever he was.

That's all I got. 

Elder Hall

[Editor's note: Wyatt didn't send any pictures this week, so I decided to create some of my own.]

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