Monday, May 18, 2015

A Clay Pot

All aboard the elder express

"Shoot! I forgot to have time for an email for everyone. Maybe the pictures will make up, haha.  But here are some captions. [I included some excerpts from Wyatt's email to me.]

That's the stadium that Cambodia has all their Cambodian premier league soccer games in. Not too sure how good their premier league is though. 

"We have been working with a lot of less actives in Cambodia. You just need to love them back into the church.."

An hour of biking in Cambodia plus light colored pants.

"I think our testimony is like a clay pot of water. As converts (or to apply it to the people that you are talking about that have probably been going to church since birth, teenagers because thats the time when you decide if you are going to believe for yourself or not) we either move our clay pot to sit under a source of dripping water, or we leave it and remain empty because its just too hard to move. In Cambodia moving the pot is made incredibly hard because if you don't believe in Buddhism, you are essentially an outcast. So once the pot is under this source of water, you have to be patient and wait for the water a drip at a time. This is where Satan knows he can take the most souls. He comes up with a pick and wants to make just a little crack but tells you that it will be worth it. So he makes this little crack and then the water that slowly seeps through it freezes one night. And then the next time its cold enough it freezes again until this crack becomes a huge problem and there is no water left in the pot. We have to fix the cracks early before they become problems."

The kings bday. We got some solid contacting in while we waited for fireworks...which went off after our bedtime, so that was kind of a bummer.

Someone told us (before Wyatt left on his mission) that some missionaries in Cambodia were issued machetes. I just remembered this week to ask him about it: "Machetes? No. Haha. I got laughed at when I asked the AP's [Assistants to the Mission President] about that. There are no mission-issued machetes. But I could probably get one for like 50 cents here. Haha.

Huge snake skin.

"Also, Om Laey Sen got confirmed yesterday and she was ecstatic to receive the Holy Ghost!"

[Something tells me Wyatt is NOT starving.]

"Love Elder Hall

"P.S. Send me hate mail for having a short email this week...not my mom."

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  1. Elder Hall, your letters are great entertainment, even when they are short!