Monday, May 11, 2015

A Quick Answer to a Small Prayer

Best part of the week BY FAR: So here in the city we don't have rice fields or any type of farming for that matter, or houses that can be built by missionaries, so there is not a lot of opportunities for service except for teaching the English class every week, which gets incredibly monotonous.

So one day I decided I was going to pray for an opportunity to serve people in order to maybe change one Buddhist person's mind about Christianity--that they are in fact not evil people. And the next day, I didn't even remember what I had prayed for, but there was this girl on the side of the road trying to take off her semi flat tire. Haha. She just was like unscrewing the tire and it wasn't jacked up or anything. Like three of her lug nuts were already off. 

So anyways, we were actually on our way back to our bikes to go home or eat or something, since there wasn't much to do, and I spotted her and I was like, "Elder Gardiner, we got this." 

So we walked over and offered to help and, we showed her that she had a jack in the back of the car and everything, and we like lifted her car and finished the job for her. When it was all replaced and everything, we just like smiled and gave her an English class flier and walked away. So maybe she will think we are angels or something. Haha. Then while we were walking away, I had two thoughts. 1) Holy crap--I got a chance to do service in the city! I had just prayed about it the night before! So that was a really cool answer to my prayer; and 2) What was she planning to do when she got all the lug nuts off of her tire? Haha...

Alright. That's all I got. I mean...a lot more happened, but I'm out of time from Skyping my fam this morning. Which was really cool that I got to see them. And just to publicly show my love for my mom, Happy Mothers Day, I LOVE YOU MOMMY!

With Love

Elder Hall

[We skyped with Wyatt last night! He seems so great. He rated his physical comfort level a 9/10 (10 being the most comfortable); his happiness a 7.5 (sad sometimes when he sees the physical/spiritual well-being of the people, but happy when he sees their progress); his homesickness a 2/10 most of the time (5/10 during the skype).]

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