Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Staying in Siam Reap

This week was sick! But we didn't really do much. Transfer calls were last night and everyone that's in Siam Reap (except for one sister) is staying! So it will be nice to continue our chemistry with each other in our house--considering how fun it has been with each other. 

Our investigator pool is staying strong even with the baptisms we have had, mostly thanks to Elder Duffy, who is just absolutely killing it with our English Class. He seriously has an army of students who would do anything at his command. Including people that are in their 20s. So it's been fun. 

"You will learn about this church"

"Yes Master Duffy." 

I can see it happening.

Our investigators from way the frick out there were baptized yesterday! Om Lei, Kanha, and Dolla. The Om wanted me to baptize her since I'm big and she was afraid of drowning. Haha. But yeah I forgot my white pants at the house, so I got to dress up for baptism just like my investigators. Haha. That was cool. Everything went smoothly. 

 Om Lei, Kanha, and Dolla

Wyatt (on left) in Cambodian-sized baptismal clothes.

The biking is still fun, the work is still important, my attention span for writing emails is still short, Cambodia is still electric.


Elder Hall

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