Monday, August 3, 2015

Plot twist

My week was a little bit of everything. So just to start, on Thursday, the APs called and told me and Elder Cook that we were going to be white washing Chaktomuk. And if that sounds familiar, that's because it's the area I was just in. So I am actually not staying in Siam Reap for another transfer. Plot twist!

For right now my companion is Elder Cook. He was also trained by Elder Gardiner, so we are brothers in the mission. He is from Houston, so he likes all the same sports teams as me, except for the Cowboys. He's hanging on to his Texans. I was in the same house as him in Siam Reap, in fact we were in the same ward, so I already knew him, and he's really cool. 

[We watched the Saratov Approach on Saturday. Claire asked in her email about missionaries getting kidnapped in Cambodia. This is Wyatt's response:]

No I have never heard of missionaries getting kidnapped here. In Thailand in the 70's two missionaries went to prison for sitting on a statue of Buddha, though. So that's kind of like getting kidnapped.


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