Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

 Elder Cook and Elder Hall

SO: Phirum, he is good still, but he couldn't meet with us on Saturday because he was so busy. But that's alright. Next week. 

Other investigators: Too many to count. Haha. Just kidding, I wish.
  • Last night, we taught a lesson to a guy named Vandy that we contacted like 2 weeks ago. He kept telling us how happy he felt.
  • A few days ago we taught a guy that was cutting vegetables in front of his restaurant and that went really well.
  • We also contacted a guy in front of his house. He asked if he could join our church and then told us to come in and teach him.
  • There is a guard that switches places ALL THE TIME, that we see EVERYWHERE in the city, and he told us to come to his house so we could teach him, but he forgot to put money on his phone so we couldn't call him.
  • Bong By is doing really well, and finally came to church.

     Bong By at her stand amid the rain.
We had 51 people at church! It was super cool. Elder Cook and I had 2 investigators there: Bong By and Bong Seiha. There is lots of potential with those two, and Bong By even has a baptismal date for the 4th of October. There's so much about to happen in this area that I would be super excited if I wasn't about to get transferred to... 

Kampong Cham. That's where I'll be for the next six weeks...with Elder Slavens (who was in the MTC with me). We transfer on Thursday.

 There was so much rain that the open sewers overflowed. The roads became open sewers.  

Also, it's so nice outside these days compared to the 1304 degrees I was braving when I first got here. We are about to enter what the Cambodians call "cold season," so we'll see if I'll actually be cold.

Life in Cambodia is seriously unimaginably fun. 


Elder Hall

Claire: Do you remember telling me your mission was going to be a 12 out of 10? Is it still?
Wyatt: Yes, the mission is still a 12/10...actually maybe it's a 13/10 now. 
Claire: When was the worst day of your life and when was the best day of your life?
Wyatt: The worst day of my life was realizing that I was going to have to work hard in this mission. The best day of my life was realizing that working hard is the epitome of rewarding.

Sofie: Do you wish you could eat American food right now?
Wyatt: American food is easy to find or make in the city, but in just a little bit I'm going to Kampong Cham where there is almost no American food.

Sofie: What's the best part so far there?
Wyatt: The best part is the people and how much I am learning about myself and life.

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