Monday, September 21, 2015

Who's Hungrier than a Cambodian that Doesn't Like Rice?

Elder Hall (with Elder Slavens in the back)

 Things are going great here. I'm about 90% sure this is going to be my long area. Like we're talking 6 months here, since I haven't had one yet. The prospects of that happening are so exciting. We live with the 3rd Branch elders, the 2 Zone Leaders (both Khmae) Elder Long and Elder Oum, and then Elder Brewer and Elder Smith (a trainee--just got in country).There are 3 total branches here in KC and about 300 active members. It's pretty cool. We had 112 at church yesterday. 

special meat

So just like Elder Cook and I did last transfer, Elder Slavens and I want to try to continue that. The Lord blessed us so much in our last area that it makes me think if we continue to fill every hour with a lesson or 10 contacts, the Lord will bless us in our new area. Right now we have a couple of potential investigators, but this coming week, we will go way harder and contact a lot more people--hopefully adding new people into the fold of God. 

Elder Hall, Elder Slavens, and friends

Elder Slavens has a really cool blog, by the way, and he's super ecstatic about life, so people would probably enjoy his blog:

Pu Ly next to the Mekong River

I think the Lord really blesses me with the language here, but he doesn't let me get cocky about it, because I'm pretty not good at everything else. But it just makes me happy that I can add language skills to the table while Elder Slavens brings just about everything else. 

"This pig is about as big as two of me, and it just walks outside of the house down the street from our house"

I honestly can't think of anything else to say, cause I'm hungrier than a Cambodian that doesn't like rice.


Elder Hall

"just me trying to be artsy"

Sofie: Have you seen a tiger yet? Or just name all the animals you've seen.
Wyatt: No I haven't seen a tiger yet. If I had to name all the wild animals I've seen, the list would go on forever. So I'll just say: tons of cows, monkeys, water buffaloes, and rats. Not a lot of exotic animals. 

Sofie: What's your favorite part so far?
Wyatt: My favorite part so far is learning new things every day, whether it be the language or the work ethic.

P.S. Do you want to hear a funny story? The word sel and sol in Cambodian are very similar. Sel means Sabbath day and sol means shove it up your b_m. So one time a missionary was teaching about the Sabbath day and said "day of 'sol'" instead of "day of 'sel.'"  So he said the day of "shoving up your b_m". It wasn't me, but when I heard the story, I still laughed. 


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