Monday, December 12, 2016

Update on Investigators

Welllllll here is some bad news. Sopheap is unfortunately moving back to his province of Kampot today. He came by the church to tell me last night. I told him someday if he comes back to Phnom Penh he should come back to church. Also he promised me he would keep the Book of mormon close and pray every day. Sad, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. He didnt have enough money to keep learning in Phnom Penh and he just won a scholarship at a college near his house. He gave me a hug and I told him to have a good life and made sure he added me on facebook and then we parted ways.

One of Sopheaps friends named Pheakdey has started making time to meet with us more, and went to church yesterday as well. He is doing well. He accepted a baptismal date for January 14th (sad face). 

Sok Hour is still doing super well. He gave us mangos the other day and we were just talking about life and how hard it is and he summed up the conversation with "man this life is hard, Ill just wait till next life, whatever" haha. He said he would cut his hair, but he wants to keep it until he gets baptized. I think he is my favorite investigator I have had my whole mission, teaching him is like a roller coaster. We went over what feeling the spirit is like by reading in Helaman 5 : 45-47. Man he has changed so much in just these few weeks. 

Also sok hour is getting interviewed at the end of the week!

ELder Hall 

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  1. Better soak up all the warm sun you can, nephew.