Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An Apostle of the Lord

So the conference with every member started at 9 at a huge conference center in our area. I'd say upwards of 2000 people showed up to the conference. I wish I had gotten a picture of everyone in there. 

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Elder Holland's visit was pretty much everything I could have imagined. He talked about how life is a tough time, and God can save us--He is always looking out for us.  He told a story about how he was lost in a forest and his father came and saved him, and just like that, our Heavenly Father will come and save us from sin and death if we just let Him. We had an investigator there and it touched her so much that later in the day she called us and told us thank you for showing her the church and teaching her these things and inviting her to this conference (she was also super impressed with the sheer number of members we have). So that was awesome because those were exactly the things she needed to hear and it came straight from a prophet of God to her (well, through a translator). 

Missionaries and Elder Holland

So afterwards we had a smaller little conference for just the missionaries. He shook all of our hands on the way into the chapel. Apparently, they do this so that they can interview us by looking into our eyes. So that's pretty sweet. But I got to shake his hand and tell him I'm from Dallas Texas! He said, "another Dallas boy." Haha. There are like 5 people from Dallas in the mission right now. 

Wyatt with Elder Lambert (from the MTC),

Wyatt with Elder Lambert and Elder Palmer (also from the MTC).

Wyatt with Elder Lambert, Elder Palmer, 
and Elder Osborne (also from the MTC--it was a reunion!).

He basically just told us the worst thing in the world is when missionaries 1) don't take their mission seriously 2) say that they're going back to the real world and 3) think they can go back to the same world they left, unchanged. So it was a good affirmation to me that if I let the Lord change me on my mission by working hard and doing what He wants, then He will truly change me into the person that I should be. Afterwards I made a resolve to focus more during personal study so that I can be more converted to the gospel. And so that I can change as much as the Lord wants me to. 

Wyatt during a weekly meeting.

Also as Elder Holland was leaving this conference with just the missionaries, he said "this is a special group; one of you is going to be doing this one day." Future apostle going to come out of the Cambodia Phnom Penh mission? Who knows, maybe he was talking about mission president. Either way, that was something super special to hear. 
I just felt like at the end when he had to go, it was like when Jesus visited the Nephites and their eyes watered, so Jesus had compassion on them and stayed longer. So I told everyone to start getting their eyes to water so he would stay longer. Haha.

Wyatt with Elder Cook (current companion) and Elder Gardiner (1st comp).

Aside from that, missionary work is picking up in my area of Chaktomuk. Seriously, we have seen so many blessings of just putting our heads down and working. Anytime we get stood up for an appointment, we just start contacting. That's essentially all you can do. And right now we have seen miracles from that. 

  1. We have 8 potential/progressing investigators: 3 from contacting them straight up, 1 from contacting us, and 4 that got referred from us.
  2. All of them are males (potential priesthood holders) except for 1 (ming By). 
  3. Life is good: Seriously, I'm doing more work than I have ever done in my life, and I have never been happier to do it. I am starting to see how truly short my mission is, and how it's my once in a life time opportunity to spend 100% of my efforts for the benefit of other people. 

Next Step: we need to turn all these potential investigators from referrals and contacting into progressing investigators. So that's what this week will be focused on. 

Cambodia is extraordinary.

Love, Elder Hall

Here are a couple of videos, too!

Some of these pictures are from the Oveson's. A big thank you to them!

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