Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Unprofitable Servants

So Chaktomuk is about as different as it could have gotten in only six weeks. They even painted the church and trimmed back all the trees, not to mention half the ward moved out. The area has shown a lot of promise this week, though. On Tuesday we contacted ALL DAY LONG. Literally just raked in the contacts. Contacted I think like 136 people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in one day. How many of them wanted to learn? 0, but that's OK, because a couple days later we were holding signs out in front of the church for our English Class, and a lady rides her bike up to us and asks, "Do we have to learn about Jesus if we go to the English Class?" We told her no, and then she asked if there was a place where she could learn about Jesus, because she wants to change her life. I asked her where she lived, and it was right in the center of Elder Cook's and my area! We had our first lesson with her on Saturday and she is a solid investigator. The moral of the story is that even though we didn't get any people learning from our big day of contacting, because we put up the effort the Lord was willing to make up for the fact that we are "unprofitable servants" (Mosiah 2:21) and sent an investigator our way. Super cool miracle. 

Elder Cook and Wyatt

Also the one investigator we had that the APs gave us when we got here brought all his sisters to learn with us, AND it turns out their aunt who was staying with them at the time we taught the first lesson has a son who is serving a mission right now (coincidentally its Elder Lambert's companion, Elder Kim, in Ta Khmao). So we were really able to drive the lesson home for them. We just really need to get their mom to learn, too, but she sells in the Psaa right there. (Psaa orussey, if you can remember it). 

Elder Palmer (I believe), Wyatt, and Elder Jones

So when Elder Holland comes on the 23rd, all the members in Cambodia are invited to attend a conference at a huge building on an island in my area that Demi Lovato and Maroon 5 had their concerts at . So that tells me they are expecting A LOT of people to come. I'm excited to hear what he has to say.


Elder Hall

Q: Tell us more about Elder Cook.
A: My new companion, Elder Cook, is from Burley ID. And the way I could figure out where it was, is because it's right where I-15 splits and you can either go to Pocatello or to Boise. We get a long super well. He is a super good teacher. He and I are more similar than most companions I could have here. He is really into sports, so it's nice to be able to reminisce about some American things that I miss. 

Caught on camera during Sunday School. 
Apparently, Wyatt's companion had been sick all night.

Q: What do you do on p-day lately?
A: So this P-day we are gonna go play soccer, but when we don't play soccer, we just hang out at the mission home and clean our house and stuff. 

Q: Have you eaten any interesting foods lately?
A: A lot of what I have been eating lately is mi cha (which means fried noodles), because noodles are super cheap here. You can buy a box of probably 50 packets for 5 bucks. and since the cheap noodles taste like crap if you eat them like you're supposed to, people fry them. To eat the most unhealthy, yet most satisfying, meal ever, it costs like 25 cents between the oil, garlic, noodles, and spices. Otherwise, I just make some sort of cha that has whatever vegetables the lady puts in my bag when I go to her stand. Every week I buy like a kilo of whatever kind of meat I feel like. And then if its not that, it's like a peanut butter sandwich with the coconut bread that they have here. I mean there are lots of other things that I make, but to make a list it would go on and on. 

P.S. A big thank you to Bro and Sis Oveson (a senior couple serving in Cambodia for 2 years as well)! They sent me these pictures, and they came during the right week, because Wyatt's camera broke. 

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