Monday, October 19, 2015

Khaw, Baptisms, and Bees

Transfer calls were last night--Elder Slavens and I are STAYING TOGETHER. It's actually really exciting, because we work really fluidly together, and we get a lot done. 

Khaw. Mother. I learned how to make the most delicious food dish there is in Cambodia. Khaw. I will make it for you when I get back, and it will change your life. It will strengthen your testimony. It will shine a new light on living for an eternity. By tasting just one taste, every care in your life will slip away due to its sheer deliciousness. 

We took around the ponderize lesson to a ton of less actives in our area this past week, and it got results! I saw some people at church (and in church clothes) that I had never even seen wear a shirt! Haha. They are really excited when we bring over a bunch of Jesus pictures with lines on the back to write on, and they get to keep them to write a scripture on. 

Also, we had two baptisms yesterday! Savuth and Ma. One is the teenager, and the other is the kid with not huge, fluffy hair. They were both referrals from the guy who looks 40 that is also in baptismal clothes (he baptized his kid with the fluffy hair). And during a Cambodian baptism (especially where the baptismal font is outside and everyone has to stand up to see), you kind of lose all spirituality. Well not kind of, more like 100%. We had kids like playing in the font and had to tell them to get out so we could do the baptism (and they were still kind of playing while we did the baptism). One kid stole Elder Slavens camera and videoed me baptizing Savuth. All sorts of little kids doing lots of little kid things. But I mean that's Cambodia for ya. 

And for the highlight of the week besides the baptism: Teaching Bong Vuen last night. After the lesson he was like, "Elder, I believe for real. Last night I had another dream. I was just walking down the road when all of a sudden a bee stings me, so I pulled it off and threw it. Then another one came, and then another and another, until I was covered in bees, and I didn't know what to do, so I prayed, and as soon as I prayed they all disappeared. So I know He answers our prayers." That was cool. As soon as he said, "I had another dream," Elder Slavens and I both scooted up closer to him as he was telling the story so we wouldn't miss anything.  He and his wife, Mori, are getting baptized next week, and they are so ready to be baptized. 

There was so much that happened this week that I don't have the energy to type. So you will just have to wait another year and a half to hear all my stories. Haha. 

Also, ONLY 2 MONTHS AND 6 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS (Editor's note: That's when we get to Skype. Last time we Skyped was Mother's Day.)


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