Monday, October 12, 2015

Parable of the Dirt Road

I watched conference (super spiritual and very applicable to me, fell asleep for a sec, but that's all good. Favorite talk "What lack I yet?" one.) and wanted to do my own quasi conference talk:

In Cambodia you have dirt roads, and when you get dirt roads where it always rains, there are tons of potholes. So what happens is the potholes form and the motos all find the best way around the pot holes. This makes like a better path on the existing dirt road, and you take it to avoid the biggest bumps. However, at night, when you don't have the clear light of the day to help you get around the potholes, you hit some big ditches and pot holes and maybe you fall off your bike (maybe you don't, but either way you ruin your bike and pop tires). To avoid this problem, Elder Slavens and I have to take the long way around through the city so that we can ride on non-bumpy roads with lights. It pretty much doubles the distance. But saves bikes. and scars. This is applicable to us in real life, because we have the option to take the path that seems like the shortcut to happiness, but isn't lit and has lots of potholes. Lots of people end up taking that road and get themselves stuck, fall over, or break their bike. However, we don't have to do that with the light that the gospel brings. We have the Book of Mormon to guide us through life, and we have the Spirit to light the path and show where the pot holes are. Why take the path without the Spirit when just a little bit of sacrifice guarantees happiness and the companionship of the Holy Ghost and a lit path? Keep the spirit. Follow the prophet. Read the scriptures. 2 Nephi 32:5


Elder Hall

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