Monday, October 26, 2015


Bong Mori, Elder Slavens, Bong Vuen, Elder Hall

Elder Slavens and I got to cap off our transfers with 2 more baptisms and 2 confirmations! Bong Vuen and his wife Bong Mori got baptized yesterday.

Unfortunately, Elder Slavens and I wiped out on the way home from the interview for them also. I was doping him, because of lots of bike problems in this city. It was night time, and as we were going down the dirt path with potholes (not light from the Holy Ghost), there came a hill, and I conscientiously put on the brakes and started going down. Halfway down the hill I accidentally hit a rock, and because I had a 300 pound load on a 20 pound bike, we ate it. I ripped my korean cut pants (that were way too tight), broke my camera (still usable though--I just cant use the display, haha), and got some sweet scars. It was nice though, it had to happen eventually--that road is real rocky.

Too much Hall for one bike 
(Elder Hall "doping" Elder Hall)

Moral of the story is you can't trust the system.

In other news, Elder Slavens and I are the self-proclaimed "Most Inexperienced Companionship of the Mission" (MICotM). Yet, we put our heads down and get grinding. This transfer our inexperience got 4 whole baptisms, but why? Because His grace is sufficient. I know that alone, Elder Slavens and I would just be making noise, but through the Spirit of God and the grace of God, we managed to have a good transfer. It's such a testimony builder of the Atonement of Jesus Christ to know that if we are willing to put forth our effort, He will reward us.

So, with the recent baptisms, we realized our investigator pool disappeared, so we went a little harder on contacting, and because we are just the MICotM, we got maybe 1 return appointment the whole week. HOWEVER, we got 2 referrals from our investigators, and they are both super solid! I feel like it's too good to be true sometimes, but that's only because the way the world offers joy, it always is too good to be true, but when its God's happiness, its good, and its true. 



Editor's Note: I found a bunch of pics and a video on Elder Slavens blog. I just added them to the "Other Pics" page.

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