Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Emails to Little Sisters

Dear elder w.j.h.,

So do you like dog? wait you said you did 
Seen any wild things yet?
I can't wait to FaceTime you on Christmas 
How many baptisms have you done so far?
I love you biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
                                     Sofia Estelle Hall
P.S. I dare you to fart as loud as you can while you teach Cambodians. 

 Americans hate eating Durian,
but does Durian hate eating Americans?


yez I like dog its good. I've only had it a few times though. Yes I have seen some wild things. I don't know how many baptisms so far, because it's too many to count. If I fart in a lesson they wouldn't even care. Give me a harder dare!


Elder Hall


Yes, we had a super good thanksgiving. We had a senior couple come up from Phnom Penh and give us turkey and then we provided everything else. It was super good, super american, and super delicious. We did it on Thursday, which is the day we weekly plan, so we just took time out of weekly planning to go eat turkey. 

 Wat Hanchey

Yes rainy season is over in Cambodia, now its just cold every day. Haha just kidding, but its definitely not hot! 

Wat Hanchey
Rose for the week: We got 3 investigators to go to church, and all of them are going to get baptized soon.
Thorn: Slavens, my beloved companion is getting transferred. 


This past week, my focus was getting lots of meaning out of every little scripture to see what I could find. I came across this scripture:

Jacob 7:3 "...and [Sherem] knowing that I, Jacob, had faith in Christ who should come, he sought much opportunity that he might come unto me."

The comfort that came to me from this scripture was that you can't base truth off of someone else's conviction, like Sherem. People can be so convinced in a false precept (ie, God does not exist, the Apostles and Prophets are old men who don't receive revelation from God, the Book of Mormon is not of God, etc.) that we start to believe them. But, like Sherem, all those false truths can be struck down by the power of God. God is a God of light and truth. If you seek wisdom, He will provide (James 1:5). So the point is, solve your doubts with prayer. Don't skip your prayers because you're afraid that the Sherems are right, because they aren't and Heavenly Father will tell you that, too. 

 Wat Hanchey

As for transfers, I'm sure you're wondering. I am staying in KC1 to be with an Elder Trenton who is coming out of training. Slavens is going down to the city to be with another missionary out of training, so this is it. The reign of Slavens and Hall comes to an end. 

Elder Hall

 Wat Hanchey

Dear Wyatt,

Why didnt you email me last week?

Now for last week: well joey really liked me and i got to hold him a lot. (Joey is jeremy's new baby). The good news is that the trip was eh fun. Bad news i got sick on wednesday and threw up 4 times. The reason it is eh fun is because we didnt get to go ice skating or the grand sleepover and i got sick and missed out on like all the fun literally. I dont know why i got sick though.

1. Why didnt you email me?
2. Hows life?
3. Can you open your eyes under water?
4. (Guess) how many days til Christmas?


1. I don't know why I didn't email you. I must have forgot, I'm sorry. 
2. Life is good but it's always getting better.
3. I could but what's the point if it just hurts?
4. 25 days!

Wow you threw up so much! I threw up a few months ago too! I love you Claire! Merry Christmas!

Elder Hall

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