Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Results vs Effort

This guy is 90 years old, pumps up bikes for a living,
and dresses like a straight baller.

 Yeah, president never got back to us about Mondulkiri, so we will probably have to wait a week or two. That means that I can email this week! 

So for Skype I'm thinking I'll get to the internet cafe at 8 AM on Saturday here which unless there are some tricks that I can't see, would be either 8 or 9 PM on Friday night for you [correction: 7pm Central]. 

I have a bunch of pictures from cutting rice, but I took a long video of the bamboo bridge and I guess it didn't turn on because I don't have a video of it. It's kind of a struggle, since I cant see my screen, but I'm sure I'll get to take a video of the bamboo bridge in the future. After all, I have at least another month here.

Bamboo Bridge

Cutting Rice

 So last week, I made a promise at the end of the week that instead of getting happy with results from my work I would be happy with whether I worked hard or not. This was difficult at the end of last week, though, since I had really good results from my work. However, I chose to instead look back on areas where I could have improved. This week, I worked a lot harder, but my results were terrible, because people have their agency. But since I made that promise to myself, I instead looked at how I felt about what I did, and I was happy. SO, I know that Heavenly Father would approve of my work, even though it didn't have the best of outcomes. Looking to the future, though, we will have to move back some baptismal dates, since they didn't show up to church. Vannak was at a marriage, Kum On was just absent, and Ming Da was referred to the sisters. Either way, this coming week will be better. You have to have bad days/weeks to know what a good day/week is like. Cambodia is funner than ever, and I am loving every second. Merry Christmas also ! The next time I email, Christmas will already be past. 

Elder Tatton

The church building in Kampong Cham

I love you Mom, and I can't wait to Skype my family!
Elder Hall

A couple of videos: 

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