Monday, February 22, 2016

Tribute to Kampong Cham 1

From the beautiful Roang, to the spiritual Vial Ksach, from the chaotic Thmoh Kol to the strong members in Bung Kok, it's been good to me. I can only hope that what I did in my 6 months here left it better than I found it. 

I am getting transferred to Kian Svay! It's east of Phnom Penh, but it's close enough to where I think I might be able to play soccer on p-days. I leave to go there tomorrow afternoon. I got the call last night. I'm going to be a district leader there. Haha. I'm gonna have a Khmae companion. I don't want to write his name out in English in case I spell it really wrong, but I will as soon as I know how to spell it in English. He is from Battambong, and he just got trained, so I'm a Mom again. He is funny and Elder Slavens really liked him when he was in Battambong. I don't really know anything else. I'll tell you next week. I'm really excited.

This is Ming Jeng. She insists on being my cambodian mother. That baby she's holding is half american. An elder came back and married Ming Jeng's daughter. He is in KC1. He is a cool guy. Served in 2001

Man, Cambodians are so good at paying tithing. They love that. Even the less actives that haven't been to church for years will stop by the branch president to pay tithing. I don't know what it is. I think it's because they are used to giving monks a ton of money for fake blessings, so when they start receiving real blessings, it just converts them to that principle really quickly.

In mid-April during the Khmae New Year (different time from Chinese new year but the same principle) people leave the city for a week and a half. Nothing happens for a while. And the whole country smells like incense. 



Elder Hall

Wyatt's Dad: What experiences have you had that lead you to believe in a loving and involved Heavenly Father?  

Wyatt: I couldn't point out a specific example of an experience that has led me to believe that Heavenly Father loves me; it's been sort of just successive reassurances all throughout my mission. When I do what He tells me, I get rewarded. Just like in Mosiah, how we are always in debt. When I go stick it out through the heat of the 1PM sun to go contact instead of being lazy, I feel good at the very least, and at best I am then led to those who are going to accept return appointments. Just lots of little things like that. I could probably think of a good one if you want one.


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