Monday, February 1, 2016

Life is Good

This is me at the tower in KC but just a silhouette because it's cool.

This week was a super good week. I am fairly certain it's going to be my last transfer in KC, so I really want to make it a good one (and also leave some investigators for the next guy coming in so he doesn't think I'm a terrible missionary). 

Car ride to Suong

I think the investigator I talked about last week was Cheang. He actually couldn't meet us yesterday because of something with his nephew. However, this week we picked up a new investigator from the car wash named Sarath. He is super cool and rolls through the streets of KC with a sick motorcycle that's old and loud. He guards at someone's house over by the Psaa where we buy all our food, and I haven't had a chance to see where that is yet. We met with him at the church last Monday and last Friday. On Friday he accepted a baptismal date, and on Sunday he came to church! It's been nice to have a progressing investigator again. I hope that I can continue to help invite the spirit, so that I can teach what he needs to be taught to get baptized. We are supposed to meet him again today at 5, which reminds me I should probably call and remind him real quick.

A dog named Bik

They started construction of the new church building over a year ago (I think). A long time ago. Definitely longer than it should have been. They now say that the building will be done in June. Haha.

Tour of new LDS building in KC (part 1)

 Tour of LDS building in KC (part 2)

Vannak is doing super well. He's a homie. He has helped us teach people a couple times, too and hasn't missed even one hour of church since he has gotten baptized. 

Life is good.
I love you mom! I decided that the first thing that you and dad and I should do when I get back is go to the temple together. That sounds super cool. It's been almost a whole year since I've gone. I miss the temple.


Elder Hall

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