Monday, May 16, 2016

From Kian Svay to Pochentong

Elder Bullough and Wyatt

Wyatt and others

Bong somrong got baptized this week. It rained a few times and got nice and cool. Ming Sim came to church and loved it for the second time in a row. I'm getting transferred to Pochentong with Elder Bostrum on wednesday (got the call last night). Happy Birthday, Mom!

There is your quick run down. Since I'm leaving the area I will do a small tribute to Kian Svay: I was only here for 3 months, but those three months were the hottest months of the year. The city, spreading into the province-like area, was definitely something of note. There are nice streets that run along the river where just about every other house has a car, and every other house has nothing. There are tons of palm trees and mango trees everywhere, and the other half of my area has a huge beer factory in it (which employs like half the people in this area). I wish elder Bullough and Elder Reeves well in their continued service for this area. It was a good time Kian Svay. 

I love you mom! Happy Birthday again! 

Elder Hall

[I asked Wyatt's opinion on an article I read that listed 10 things that can ruin your mission.]

Here they are:

  1. Having unrealistic expectations.
  2. Worrying about things you can't control.
  3. Thinking and speaking in absolutes, such as "I have to" or "I need to."
  4. Focusing on the negative rather than the positive.
  5. Failing to see the big picture.
  6. Going overboard with good things, such as being a bit of a perfectionist.
  7. Failing to follow priesthood leadership principles, which involves charity, patience, and long-suffering as opposed to forced manipulation.
  8. Letting anger and fear get out of control.
  9. Not being quick to forgive.
  10. Not being sufficiently self-disciplined.

Wyatt's response: "All ten of those things are very early on things that everyone learns. I don't know of anyone that can make it more than three months without figuring out all of those things."

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