Monday, May 23, 2016

Hello, Pochentong!

 [Since I didn't get any pictures of Wyatt's face this week, 
I decided to add a favorite blast from the past in honor of his sister's upcoming graduation.]

So my area goes about the length of the airport east to west and then from the airport up to the railroad and then one more of that same distance (airport to railroad) north. Its not a massive area geographically, but there are SO MANY PEOPLE. There are people in literally every square foot of this area. I think there is like maybe a couple acres of land in our north west corner that don't have any people, but every thing else is packed. Which means that contacting is super interesting here. You never run out of people to talk to. 

Elder Bostrom (sorry I spelled it wrong last week) is from Seattle. We went on an exchange in my training actually. He is two groups ahead of me and finishes his mission in 3 months. He is really into anime shows, he loves the Old Testament, and is always down to contact with me. So we will definitely get a lot done this transfer. The dynamic of our companionship hasn't really come out yet. It's only been a few days. 

Pochentong is the urban sprawl side of the city--the exact opposite of Kian Svay. Where there is land out here, you can count on it having a house in less than 2 years--so much just unorganized, chaotic growth. The biggest problem I can see is that there is no way to describe [the location of] places. The church is not near any recognizable landmarks, and nobody knows what I'm talking about when I say "Street 58P." 

 I found this on Wyatt's former companion's (Elder Slavens) 
blog along with a request that Wyatt name his first child Jim.

The main industry here is just factories. Everything else is just houses. Small houses (literally 30 square feet) to Big houses (10000 sq feet). Any size, shape, or style you name, this area's got it. Now I am actually closer to the mission home than I was in Kian Svay.

Pochentong is a ward in the North Stake, so I am in the corresponding North Zone. The district has 3 companionships.The church is established like a well-oiled machine here compared to my previous areas. We actually had somebody teaching elders quorum. The youth sucked in our investigator that we found a couple days ago. There are 3 or 4 people in our ward that are in the stake high council. This is only the second ward I have served in, but really the first since Chatomuk had so few people at church.

 A colleague of Jared's traveled to Cambodia and offered to 
drop off a package from us--it got there a lot faster 
than the normal 3-4 weeks!

I'm so sorry, but I didn't have any pictures from this week. I will try to see if Elder Bullough can send some from the couple days I had left in Kian Svay.

Thank you for your prayers. I know they help, and I would ask you to keep praying for me to find people.

Elder Hall

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