Monday, July 11, 2016

Worth All the Inconveniences

This week we had a baptism! He lives pretty far away, but he bikes to church every single week. Pretty cool. I had the honor of baptising him and unfortunately forgot all my baptism clothes at home. 

We didn't really get to do a lot of finding this past week since I was sick starting on Wednesday all the way until now. It's only a cold, but I didn't realize how much a small sickness can knock you out when you are used to using 100 percent of your facilities all the time. Yes, mother, this made me feel for you. All the times you were sick and had to watch five kids. Shout out.

Elder Bostrom got hit by a moto. He's completely fine, but it was just a good experience, haha. The guys moto collided with the wall of thousands of angels bearing up the Lord's servants and fell over. He was alright, too. He just wished that he could speak english so he could tell us that we owe him 50 dollars. He got up, gathered together his things and his broken pride, and set off again (with a renewed dedication to learn english).

Also, every time we go teach one of our investigators, we have to bike across two open sewer creeks, then park on the empty lot across from his house, cross another creek with socks off, pants rolled up, and scriptures in hand. Then inside his house is another story. Two of the people that live there yell by themselves or at each other during every lesson. It would be difficult to teach if lessons in Cambodia weren't almost all as noisy in some way or another. Physically, the atmosphere is in-conducive to such spiritual topics, but our investigators' willing and softened hearts make it so worth all the inconveniences.


Elder Hall

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