Monday, July 11, 2016

He Was at the Waterfall!

We had baptism on Saturday, and he got confirmed on Sunday. It was very smooth and he invited his little sister and two of his cousins--all of whom are learning with us now. The ward had a lot of people show up to the baptism on Saturday, which is usually the concern for having Saturday baptisms. 

We contacted another family who is now learning with us. There are the two parents (very Buddhist) and 7 kids with kids-in-law as well. The oldest three kids received the three Book of Mormons we had with us, since we ran out at the house, and they all committed to read and pray. There was only one who committed to come to church since the rest of them were busy, but they said that we could come back and teach them this coming Thursday. Aside from them, we just have the pretty consistent flow of new investigators from our new recent convert Nimol.

I don't really want to say too much more because I don't want to take away from the breathtaking pics of the waterfall that God has blessed this country of Cambodia with.

Becky: Did you save any of the Twizzlers from your package to eat on your birthday?
Wyatt: Are you kidding? I ate all the Twizzlers in like three days. [Editor's note: I sent about 5 large packages of various types of Twizzlers. Haha.]

I love you so much mother. Give my apologies to all those who are offended at not getting an email today. I am having a hard time not watching the re run of USA vs Ecuador that is playing on the huge tv right behind my computer. 


Elder Hall

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