Monday, August 1, 2016

Prayer, Baptisms, and Throwback to KC


If you want a super good reading about prayer you can read in Jesus the Christ. It's super good. I had to spend like 3 months of my mission figuring out why Jeffrey R. Holland doesn't pray over meals. It's in the BibleDictionary, which I would also really encourage you to read. 

Our walk-in that I've mentioned the last week or so was a really good new investigator; the problem is we can't meet him enough. His phone hardly works and he can only meet on Sunday. He came to church again yesterday. He has a date for the 20th of August. We set it in his first meeting. We had 3 people get baptized. The other investigators are coming along really well. Savery gave us a referral who walked to church on Sunday and then got to see Savery get baptized. 

This ward is under the direction of a stake, and every one of these members is super good. I love it.

This week was fun. It was a big fun fest of trying to get interviewer and interviewee in the same place at the same time three times. Elder Tatton and I went on an exchange this week, so it was cool to throwback to the Kampong Cham days. We always have super good luck on exchanges and this time the prize was picking up a new investigator from English class and finding a less active who has been a member for 21 years and was really welcoming of us when we visited him. So we will be able to work with him these next few weeks.

New baller haircut (E Slavens, ?, Elder Osborne, Wyatt)

Sorry, that's all I got. But I have more pictures this week. So its all good...

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