Monday, October 3, 2016

Back to Phnom Penh

So Cambodia this week was super great. A couple of our investigators got the LDS app on their ipad, so he could start reading the scriptures since you can make the font super big. The other two investigators with a date both showed up to church as well. They're all progressing well. Unfortunately, I am getting transferred. I am going back to Phnom Penh to finish training Elder Christensen. I'm excited since it's close to Pochentong, and I might be able to see some of the members there.
So for these last two transfers I will be kickin' it back in the city.
Elder Kheav is staying. so he will be able to hold it down with the investigators getting baptized.
Today we are actually going to Kampong Cham for Elder Kheav to register to vote, and then we will turn back to the city and transfer on Wed morning.
This past week was Pchum Ben [Buddhist holiday], so I got to wake up at 3:30 every morning to the sound of a ghost singing from the huge microphone in the wat right next door. Everything was closed, so on Friday we had a day to clean our houses. Then at 4:30 we headed to the Spencers to watch "The Best Two Years". Good stuff. Saturday we met a bunch of members and then had 3 people at English class. 


I have been reading a church history book. I just read a part when the first pioneers to enter the valley had the semi-annual general conference of 1847 with only 10 or 15 people. Then we look at today where the conference center holds however many people [editor's note: 21,200. Click here to see pics.] and now it's broadcast worldwide. The small stone cut out of the mountain without hands [Dan 2:34], was not an exaggeration--it really was small. I'm also excited that I get to spend these two years enlarging that stone. What's more, I get to train for the upcoming transfer. I will wear out my life by stressing the importance of good habits for the new trainee, and try to build up the area.

Next email from me will be from Phnom Penh again!
I love you mom!
Elder Hall

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