Monday, October 10, 2016

Tuk La'ak and Wyatt's Woes

Well I think my camera is actually gone now--I accidentally put it through the wash. So I will try to get some pics from my companion next week.

Wyatt's Woes
[Editor's note: Since we didn't get any pics this week,
I thought I'd post a funny video that Wyatt made with
his uncles when he was 7.]
I am in Tuk La'ak. It's in the North Stake--two areas east of Pochentong. So I get to see the Pochentong members pretty regularly. My new companion's name is Elder Christensen. He is from Spanish Fork, and he is straight up as old as Meredith. It's crazy. I think I probably will finish my mission here. We did get to teach this week; we taught a less active named Om Say who has a son that served a mission in Boston. From what I have heard, most of the people in the branch are from other areas--they just go to church at 3 because it doesn't interfere with anything. Idk, we will see though. Since we had general conference I didn't get to see the ward. The bishop met with us and gave us two referrals right off the bat and told me I am speaking next week.

 Wyatt's Woes part 2
Conference was super good. My favorite talk--I think it was President Nelson who talked about being able to find joy in any sort of affliction. I had a question about that, because I was figuring that affliction and joy were opposites, and it never really occurred to me that they are able to be had at the same time. Then there was President Uchtdorf's womens conference talk that was absolutely the most adorable.

I love you mom! I will tell you what's up in Tuklaak next week after we meet the members!

Elder Hall

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