Monday, October 24, 2016

China is Not in Asia

The sister's nephew that I mentioned last week backed out right when we went to meet him and ran away, but it's all good. One day. 

Just a fun little anecdote to start this email off: In English class we had the students name all the countries they could in Asia, so they named off Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. After that they were stumped, so to help them out I said "China?" They responded, "No. China is not in Asia, Elder."

 [No pics this week, so I decided to show a couple of before 
and after pics. The one on the left is from a few weeks ago. 
The one on the right is from the MTC. 
I think he looks grown up. Do you?]

So Tuk Laak was alright this week. We didn't really get to teach a lot, but we keep finding new investigators that totally fall into our hands. One of them stood up during English class and said, "I just really love Jesus," and then sat down. Then he said he wanted to meet with us. At church this other guy showed up with a member and said he wanted to learn. We already had 5 investigators that we picked up at church, and 2 of them scheduled with us for this coming week. The work here is going well; it's just sort of difficult since everyone can only meet at 5 or later, but we are dealing with that. 

 [Left: MTC; right: a few weeks ago. I think he's beefed up a little...]

I read a sentence in Preach My Gospel that said, "The relationships you create with ward and stake leaders will bless you for the rest of your life," so I focused on that this week. Bishop really likes us, so we are going to try to swing by his house and teach him once a week, since he's only been a member for a couple years. We plan to seek referrals from him since there are tons of people all around him. 

We have a car wash coming up on Saturday, so this will be the third one on my mission. 


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