Monday, February 9, 2015

Amplify the Small Things

Three weeks in already and it feels like I started two days ago. Mostly because thats how much language I think I know. I'm just kidding I'm learning the language steadily still.
Not much really happens at the MTC so we have to amplify the small things like:

1) On wednesday Elder Slavens and I decided to have a competition to see who could last longer, me eating only rice and drinking only water (nothing on the rice like hot sauce or anything, literally JUST rice) or him drinking only chocolate milk and water. Four meals later I gave in since I was gagging at the thought of rice, and while that sounds super dumb (like why would I do that lol), but I gained a greater understanding of the people in cambodia that have only rice to eat EVERY SINGLE DAY and I couldnt even make it for FOUR days. 

2) My companion, Elder Ros, has never shaved before in his whole life so last night we had something of a ceremony where all the guys in our district gave him their two cents on the best way to shave and took pictures of him shaving for the first time. I think that he hasnt been taught something as simple as this because his older brother and his father are not in his life anymore, since he was 8, because of an accident. Also his birthday is on the 13th and he hasnt gotten a letter the whole time he has been at the MTC so I know none of you know him but he is very discouraged and sad, but if you could just send him an email or write him a dear elder that would seriously make him more happy than anything. His email is and his mailing info for dear elder is the exact same as mine except his name is Elder Johnny Ros. If you could do this not only will he be happy but Jesus will be happy because "When ye are in the service of your fellow being, ye are only in the service of your God"

Love, Elder Hall

[Wyatt only sent one caption this week, so I will do my best to identify the people.]
Wyatt's caption: also this is a picture from my comp camera. The first week i told him to always show his ice in his pictures ( here mom great opportunity to learn some slang, ice means wristwatch) so yesterday he goes "elder hall you forgot to show your ice" and then we took this picture hahah

Elder Palmer and his companion at the Provo Temple

Donning his Texas pride on Pday.

In the cafeteria: Elder Lamborn on the right (up close).

Elder Slavens

Provo Temple

Wyatt's friends, Race Peterson (serving in Tempe, AZ) and Sis Weston, from BYU.

Elder Slavens in the classroom.

Elder Hall with Elder Josh (the) Stott

Teaching Elder Ros (center--Wyatt's companion) how to shave. Elder Palmer on the left and Elder Maurer on the right.

More shave lessons.

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