Monday, February 16, 2015

From a very happy and humbled Cambodian Missionary

Cumriabsua Sister Hall!,

                I just need to let you, missionary moms Facebook page and members nationwide that: "I'm so grateful and humbled from all of the gifts given to me for my 19th Birthday! God bless each and everyone of you! Each of you are the best! I love you all back so much! It's in my prayers that I remain strong in the MTC along with my companion Elder Hall! I REALLY LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I am in so much debt. of gratitude to all of you! I really mean it with all my heart! You all made me so happy! I really witnessed  the love I've been given when you all notice my desire to serve the Lord and so many gifts given to me! 4 weeks left until I hit the mission field in Cambodia!" -Elder Ros

P.S. I have a Blogger you can look up in google just search "Elder Johnny Ros Blogger" so you and the missionary moms will definitely be able to hear from me while I am in the MTC and the mission field!

  -Elder Ros

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