Monday, February 16, 2015

Thank you!

Dear people.
I don't really know how to thank you for the magnitude of what you did for Elder Ros. All the emails, letters, dear elders, and packages caused him to say things like "I think I'm in the celestial kingdom right now" or my personal favorite, "this is the best birthday in the planet." And I know that without what you have done he would have had probably one of his worst days of his life having a birthday with nothing and being away from his family. But rather he felt like he was in heaven! I know that God saw what you did and he will bless you, for "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." (Matthew 25:40) So not only thank you from me for making him think that I'm the best companion ever when I didn't really even do anything but A LOT of thanks from Elder Ros. He kept telling me how thankful he was for everything that I did for him but I had to keep reminding him that it was all these people out in the world that love their missionaries and not only that but say thank you to Heavenly Father. Another honorable mention in the Elder Ros bday quotes category: 
  • "I'm surprised I'm not even crying right now." (He doesnt really cry.)
  • "God bless these people so much," as he opens a package with a huge smile.

-Aside from that which was really the highlight of the week for the whole district to see a pile of packages waiting for him on his birthday, my roommates and I have started a sandwich tower in our room like Shia Lebeouf does with twinkies in Disturbia, which I never saw but apparently what we are doing is similar, but anyways we get a free pb and j sandwich every day and nobody ever eats them so we just decided to make the best out of it. 

-Tell Stephanie that if she gets called to Cambodia she should forget all about that "bf" of hers and go, because Cambodia is the bomb. I mean I don't actually know that yet but from the amount of people that have been telling me that, I can only assume that it's the bomb. OH! and one of my teachers here was companions with Elder Khem! Elder Ros got a package from them and he [the teacher] saw the label and he said "tau eldee skoal eldee Khem?" (do you know elder Khem?) and I was like "baat lookkruu! yung cia homies back in the day!" (we were homies back in the day) and he said that he was his companion at one point and that he was really funny. So that's really cool, and I told him that he used to be in my ward.

-SO last monday I lost my laundry shortly after I emailed home. I don't really know what happened but my laundry was no where to be found. I started to get really mad because all of my white shirts were in there, but then I remembered the scripture in Alma 56(or 57) that says "if we do not doubt, God will deliver us" so I decided that I wouldn't doubt and a couple hours later after I decided to not worry about it, I had a feeling I should check the laundry room again, and the first dryer (out of like the 50 dryers in that room that I checked) had all of my stuff in it, so that was a super cool experience that I would like you to know, because God will deliver if we do not doubt him. 

The end

Elder Hall

Wyatt's district's tags and a Cambodian Book of Mormon

Elder Ros' birthday party

Wyatt and Elder Ros

All of us with those pore cleansing masks on and we were about to rip them off. Do you notice our faces are sort of shiny?

Elder Hall

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