Tuesday, February 24, 2015

MTC: Week 5

There wasnt much that happened this week for me to tell but one of the districts in our zone left this week (the cantonese speaking people going to Hong Kong) and I don't know what song they sang, and they were all terrible singers but I still felt the spirit. In fact it was really cool to me because even though our methods of communication can be imperfect, the message that is carried within that communication IS perfect because its the gospel of Jesus Christ. So I could apply their terrible singing to my even worse cambodian speaking. Because when I am out in cambodia, without the spirit I'm pretty much nothing until maybe like the last three months of my mission when I'm actually a proficient speaker. 

Aside from that I'm just thankful for all your continued support! 

I love you guys!

Elder Hall

[I asked Wyatt a few questions in my email. Here are his answers:]

  • How is the language coming? "The language is getting better. I accidentally say a bunch of cambodian words when I try to speak spanish to this guy from argentina that doesnt really speak english, so I think thats good?"
  • Have you taught any actual investigators, or is it all role play? "The investigators are just our teachers taking on the personalities of some of their personal investigators on their missions. And we also play the role of investigators for other elders and sisters in our district."
  • Do you know your exact travel date to Cambodia? "My actual travel date isssss! I dont know. We dont find out until about two weeks before, so in two weeks you will find out."

 Companionship Selfie of the week

Ryan Nearon, a friend from BYU, will be serving a mission in Germany after Winter Semester. 

Elder Slavens with leftover Halloween temporary tattoos.

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