Monday, March 9, 2015

I Could Pass Kindergarten in Cambodia


This coming week is my second to last week in the MTC and while its been super fun here, I cannot wait to leave to Cambodia. I am starting to be able to read Cambodian at maybe an english readers kindergarten pace. And there are about two words per verse that I cant understand and it usually ends up being names like "Laban" and "Lemuel" and then I feel really stupid because its pronounced just like it is in English lol. Also words like "abhor" and other really complicated words in english I always have to look up. Anyways, not much to report considering the most interesting plot twist of my week was moving the cambodian flag from the chalkboard to hanging in the back of the room so that we can use the chalk board. I love everyone! And just remember to make sure that when the Lords "wedding" comes you will have the wedding garment on and not get cast into outer darkness (Matt. 22)! Pip pip cheerio! Im just kidding I cant end like that. Ummmm be like the stripling warriors and do not doubt God so that He can deliver you! (Alma 56:47-48)

Love, Elder Hall

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