Monday, March 2, 2015 pounds

I don't really have much to report, except I think its way warmer here than it is in Texas (I would expect nothing less from that bipolar state). OH! And I have gained like 15 pounds since I have been here. lol I dont even know where it's going because my waist isn't getting any bigger and neither is my neck, so I think it has to be muscle mass which wouldn't make sense because we only get like 45 min a day to run around in gym, during which time I usually run a half a mile and play basketball... so IDK whats happening. It's not the scale either because I have been weighing myself consistently since I have been here. 

Yeah I know not the most interesting things happening. All of the people in my zone that are older than me are gone as of yesterday so we are the next district to leave, which is in three weeks, and then I promise people will read my emails. 

Life is good. And I cant wait to leave for Cambodia.

Elder Hall

Here's a video Wyatt also sent us:

"I promise that I know way more cambodian than I showed you in the video, i was just saying things that you would probably recognize a little."

Wyatt also bumped into Kayla Stonely, a BYU student from Trophy Club. She sent us this picture.


  1. So cool that they were able to run into each other!

  2. impressed how fast he is learning the language! Love technology, I remember sending the small cassette tapes I talked on and snail mail to Chris on his mission. :)