Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Effective Scripture Study

Weekly english class

I'll start out with the thing that made me laugh a little this week. So for our Sunday personal study--which we do after lunch, which is after church (terrible combination)--I was studying the chapter in Preach My Gospel called "Effective Study"....I ended up falling asleep and drooling all over the first page (didn't even pass the first page, rookie move) where it says in really big font "How can I have a more effective study?" Haha. Isn't it ironic? (Dontcha think?) 

If you ever wondered what little kids would do without 
video games and school, here it is.

This week I got to go on an exchange with the Zone Leaders since Elder Gardiner is a district leader! So it was really thrilling to have to lead out in my area. Showing him all the crazy things you can find in Chaktomuk, like cave like places that are man made (haha) and super crazy traffic. But anyways, I had to plan all the lessons, start them all, and set them all up since Elder Christensen didn't know them. Actually, there was one appointment that I had him set up, because I have no idea what this one lady is saying when she talks; she has the thickest accent. It was really fun, but it was hard to have stuff for us to do all day (since usually we are out finding less actives and contacting all day), so it was really nice when the Chaktomuk roads showed his bike some of that familiar treachery that I am well used to and popped his tire. We got to sit back a little while his tire was getting fixed...and I didn't have to admit to him that we were about to show up 30 minutes early to a recent convert's house. 

This guy's name is Seyha, and he is one of the few youth in my ward. 
He's a baller, and he's older than me too-- haha. He's 19.

Aside from that, we didn't have a super interesting week. I guess this will provide me a little extra motivation to go find new investigators, because that's when things get fun! 

Surprisingly, there is no lack of super cars and luxury cars here.

So enjoy these pictures for now, and next week I will have some new investigators to report on. 

Elder Hall

This kid is always chillin outside our house at night and always tells me to dope [give him a ride on the back of his bike] him to the end of the street and back every night. And he's always drinking stuff too, haha. I think in one hand is tea and the other is a weird Cambodian drink that's pretty good

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