Monday, June 15, 2015

Siam Reap


This week was super fun! Not a lot of work got done, but it was all good experiences. 

[Duck picture for Sofie]

On Monday the Pres called me and told me and Elder Kim to go to Pursat [4 hours northwest of Phnom Penh] for a couple days so that he could attend a meeting that he didn't have the opportunity to attend since he transferred early. So I was super excited to be able to leave the city for a couple days! Here are a few pictures of Pursat:

Elder Kim got on the bus at one of the stops after going 
to the bathroom and had this bag in his hand. I didn't know 
what it was and then I looked away and he started eating them, 
and it sounded like chips, then I looked back and it was 
straight crickets. I started laughing for some reason, because I 
thought it was funny that he was eating crickets, 
then I had some. They were good.

Unplanted rice fields between the Phnom Penh and Pursat

A monk hospital. I guess they gotta get healed somewhere.

Just your typical statue of a guy getting eaten by birds (found Inside a wat)

Just your regular statue of a bain/bull mixture guy

It was all super cool except for the fact that Elder Gardiner ate a poorly cooked burger the day before, so he was throwing up all night, and the next day was super not good. SOOO like you can see in the pictures, there were very few things to do while Elder Gardiner was sleeping all day. One of those few things was wheeling myself around in a wheelchair... for about four hours. 

At one point I decided to write what the caption would be of me in a wheelchair at various points throughout the day. I'll just give you one: "I sit pondering in a wheelchair, peering out of the dark house towards the bright outside, dripping in unrelenting sweat, as I quietly manage to whisper, "I will never complain of heat again."

This is the missionaries house in pursat, but its also the church building 
since there are only 14 members there since it just opened 8 months ago. 
The progress there is super good. Also that's the wheelchair

(Also just a side note, some other guy in this internet cafe is watching the Studio C PK shootout skit (haha), so I guess its viral enough to reach an audience that doesn't even understand English.)

So yeah, for those two days, not a lot got done. I wrote a much needed budget, studied a bunch of words, practiced writing picture captions, stared at a huge map of Cambodia while sitting in a wheelchair for an hour, silently stared out of a window in a wheelchair for two hours, etc...

Then for the rest of the week, we got back to our regular missionary grind, with a little help from the slightly cooled weather. The cloud cover from the approaching rainy season is nice. So not too much to complain about this week. Just regular stuff until Sunday.

Me and elder Bostrom on an exchange on Friday

Then another call...

Guys. I'm getting transferred to Siam Reap. This Friday. Super psyched to go there and continue the work....Yet another plot twist. 
So since Elder Kim is sick, he's going home on Friday to go get surgery, and then after the surgery coming back to finish his mission. So at the latest I should see him in probably 2 months. Hopefully, I'll be able to be companions with him again since what little time I spent with him was super fun!

Love you all! I will be emailing next week from Siam Reap, I cant wait!

Elder Hall

This is literally what every white tourist dresses like in Cambodia. 
It's the sunglasses and the fact that he's alone that straight creep me out.

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  1. One of my friends from high school lived in Siam Reap for the past 12 years and LOVED IT! Best of luck, Wyatt!