Monday, June 8, 2015

Obedience Brings Blessings

This week stuck out. This week stuck out like two white missionaries in the middle of Cambodia. 

So to start, on Monday or Tuesday night Elder Gardiner and I looked over our past week and realized how much more we could have done. It wasn't really something we had ever talked about before (it was always talking about how much we did rather than how much more we could have done). But as soon as we realized that we were not exhausting our strengths like we realized we should everyday, we made a resolve with each other to begin following every single rule as straight as a line (that's really straight).

We didn't even have to wait until the next morning for us to see the blessings rolling in. We got a call from one of our members that said one of her nephews wants to learn about our church! And that we should teach him that morning. So we taught him that morning and he turned out to be a super cool guy, and even though he doesn't have a lot of free time, he does on Sunday which is super cool. (He went to church yesterday, too!) So we see a baptism in the future for him. Then either the next day or a couple days later of adhering exactly to the rules, we went to go teach one of our less actives. Even though she wasn't there, we met her son and her daughter in law. They were really interested in hearing what we had to say, and said they wanted us to come back, too. So that was super cool. This obedience high rolled right into our interview with Om Sok on Thursday, who was preparing for baptism.

Om Suk's baptism

Then we got a call....And what a call it was. Let me remind you that transfers are not for another two weeks. Elder Gardiner answered the phone and it was someone. Actually it was probably the APs. But anyways, he got transfered to Pursat to replace an elder that was sick that needed to be closer to the hospital in the city.

Wyatt and Elder Kim [pronounced "Keem"]

So now here we are. Me and Elder Kim. In Chaktomuk.

In front of the entrance to their apartment?

I don't really have much else to say, since he doesn't email for that long. So thank you all and make sure you are exactly obedient to get blessings!


Elder Hall

[Wyatt didn't send captions this week, so I'm doing my best to guess.]

Zone Conference (from the Oveson's blog)


View from their apartment

Looking up at their apartment

Being motodoped

Being fed well :)

Local pitch

Not much to see, but the girl's voice is so cute, and I love hearing Wyatt's voice and laugh in the background!

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