Sunday, January 17, 2016

Workin' at the Car Wash, Yeah!

It is so easy to convince people that I have the coolest mom out of them all when I can read emails like this to them. Every one is so jealous that I have the coolest parents. 

[He's referring to this: "Costa Rica was so fun! We just got back last night. Dad and I surfed Mon, Wed, and Fri. Sun we went to church and drove up a rainy volcano. Tuesday, we went ziplining on another volcano. Thursday, we visited a small town where we bought some pottery, then Dad paid for
me to get a massage. Dad and I are getting better at surfing, especially Dad. I got fairly
consistent and my last wave was the best of my life. Right after that, a strong wave flipped the
surfboard into my face and rang my bell. It split and bruised my lip and injured my nose (I’ll
send a pic). But it was totally worth it!!! Every time I see the scar, I will remember that last
wave I rode all the way in." Haha!]

Me: We tried a new fruit in Costa Rica—tamarind. It tastes like a cross between apple and pineapple. Do they have it in Cambodia?
Wyatt: Yes! They have tamarind here except Elder Slavens and I spent four hours de-shelling boiling hot tamarind and I couldn't feel my fingers or smell anything besides tamarind for a few days, so after that I didn't really like it. I don't know if its just a different type of tamarind here, but they grow everywhere, and they are always sour. The candies they have here and the drinks that are tamarind flavor are good; I just don't prefer the fruit. Side story about tamarind: in Khmae they say "ampil" and my companion was getting made fun of a couple nights ago since he can't get down the difference between salt and tamarind. Salt is "ambil" and then if you say "7" quickly it sounds the same too. It's a difficult concept. 

So the car wash idea is this: People in this country that are rich are obsessed with their wealth. (side note: there is no middle class in Cambodia) So they wash their cars and motos once a month, or if they have time, twice. So anyways, marketing to them that we are American and have been washing cars since we were little, they can come and enjoy 2 apparent benefits: 1. Americans, to whom they for some reason feel inferior, will do slave work for them (entertaining); 2. It's a free car wash (efficient); but little do they know that the biggest benefit of coming to this car wash is yet unfurled, and that is contact with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While we are washing their cars (maybe 20 minutes each) we will have prime time to contact them. So they will sit in a shaded area with ice cold water while some elders and sisters (who don't feel like washing cars) will talk to them and introduce them to the gospel, hopefully resulting in close to a million baptisms. Haha! Just kidding. If we could walk away with 0 return appointments but at least greater appreciation for our church and maybe some slightly stronger interests, I would be happy. Good seeds planted. For less than a $100. We are planning for it to last all day, and get some youth involved in helping wash the cars, kind of a nice activity that are so few and far between. We printed out 1000 fliers to hand out to all the rich people, and this Thursday Elder Tatton and I are going to take them to the Provincial Hall to get them out to rich people. Our landlord is also in the National Assembly, so he could be a good asset. We actually went up to a guard of a government building that had a bunch of cars parked inside and we told him "ONLY give these fliers to people with cars; if they have a moto, do NOT give it to them." He was super excited, because we told him we would wash his moto even though it wasn't a car if he did this for us. As soon as we walk away, we hear him yell to somebody, "Hey! Check this out; free moto wash!" and he hands 4 or 5 fliers to a guy on a moto...haha. Then as we kept walking we saw a few more motos with our fliers. So I guess I should have been more clear?

Me: Do you get asked to give Priesthood blessings very often?
Wyatt: Oh man, I get asked to give blessings 3 or 4 times a week. The rule to make a stake is you need 150 active Melchizedek priesthood holders, and the reason KC is still a district is because my branch of 120+ active people has maybe 10 or 20 Melchizedek priesthood holders. So the elders are always getting called for blessings. 

Elder Hall and Elder Hall

Transfer calls were last night! I get to stay 1 more transfer in KC1 with my boi Elder Tatton! It's gonna be good. Actually, pretty much everyone in the mission stayed the same, which means next transfer something crzy is gonna go down. But we will worry about that when I need to worry about that.

P-day activity

English class is a bit difficult. It's more of a service project than investigator tool. In Phnom Penh it works miracles; in KC it's a little different. This week, though, I'm having everyone bring a friend to English class as their homework. Being English class leader seemed like a tiny bit of responsibility at first, but it's been fun trying to do my best to make it big, and I've seen some results! It's fun. Definitely less stressful than a real leadership position, which I'm sure I'll have at some point, but good.

I love you MOM!

Have a good week and don't miss me too much!

Elder Hall


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