Sunday, January 17, 2016

2016 is Great! (1.4.2016)

This guy Phialy is about to serve a mission.

We got a baptism yesterday! Vannak passed his interview and entered into a covenant to serve God for all his life. Also, yesterday I found a real long sleeve Polo t-shirt for $1.25 (used, but hey, what do I own that isn't?). Pu Ra, a less active, showed up to church. I got approval from the Mission President to start work on the Car Wash. I found Frozen stickers to put on my planner, so all the little kids love it. I remembered to bring my camera to the internet cafe. The temperature is lowering. Khmae food is tasting better. Contacting isn't so hard. My companion is learning the area. English class had almost 30 people. I don't know. There are a lot of downs, but just talking about the ups is a lot more happy, and it's not necessary to talk about the downs, so why bother? 

Bong Vannak baptism

We had a really powerful lesson with a less active named Pu Khoan. We thought that maybe he wasn't going to church, because he didn't believe that God could give him a job that would let him stop working on Sundays. So we took my favorite five miracles in the New Testament and told him them all. 1) The lady with the issue of blood (Mark 5:25-34);  2) Feeding the 5000 families (Luke 9: 13-17); 3) Walking on the water (Mark 6:48-50); 4) Silencing the winds (Luke 8:22-25); 5) Him going into any city and them having people ready for him to heal, and he healed them all (Various). We told him that if God has this kind of power,  then he could surely help him to go to church. I also told him that with his knowledge and experience in the church, he could make an excellent church leader for when this area becomes a stake. The lesson was well received and after the closing prayer he told us that he was going to tell his family that the year 2016 is the year he goes active again. I hope things work out for him. 

Ming Da baptism

Our whole district (as in the members in all of KC) dedicated our fast to the finishing of the new church building. It looks so close. Every time I ride by I have daydreams of how nice it would be to start using that building. I'll include a picture of it next week. They say it will be finished in the next two months, so hopefully I don't get transferred so I can be here for the inauguration.

Wyatt as Santa for ward Christmas party


Elder Hall

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