Thursday, January 28, 2016

Workin' at the Car Wash, Yeah! [The Sequel]

The car wash went super well! Not only did we get to serve the people of KC and get some good contacts, but it was funner [editor's note: I did not change this to "more fun," because Wyatt insists "funner" should be a word :)] than any contacting I've ever done before. I, and all of my fellow missionaries, miscalculated the power of the cambodian sun, though. We all ended up having our missionary tans fiercely burnt to a shade of lobster red. I haven't been able to move my ankle since then, because I think I have the worst sunburn I've ever gotten in my life. But that's all good, because everyone grows random plants in front of their house, including our landlord. One of those random plants happened to be aloe vera, so we got a couple strands (leaves/tentacles/tails...for real, what do you call those?).

Other than that, we had a new investigator on Sunday morning, and he turned out to be super solid. He really wants us to come back every Sunday, and his older sister has learned in our church before and has a book of mormon.  He accepted what we taught him, but I don't think we got to his heart yet. I think next time we teach, we need to have everyone around him listening, too. Yesterday, it was pretty chaotic. 

Me: We prayed for you to find people to teach. Did it work?
Wyatt: Well, that guy from Sunday has some pretty crazy potential, so I suppose it did work. And also we got super good contacts at the car wash, so thank you very much!
Wyatt's district. (Wyatt has the yellow towel on his head.)

The Whataburger pictures were a little bit of a low blow. Just kidding. It was nice to see those on our table considering your life long boycott of Whataburger is finally over. [For Wyatt's 1-year mark we brought home Whataburger for dinner and sent him a pic. Don't hate me for disliking Whataburger for so long. I had a bad experience at a Whataburger in West Fort Worth about 15 years ago. It took me a long time to get over it.]

Traditional burning of a white shirt
to mark a year on the mission.

WOW. I cannot believe I have made it a whole year without a hug from you. Thank you for being such a good mother, mother. 

Tell Isaac that he is a baller, and if he has scored 5 goals on JVB, then that's 4 more than I ever scored, and he hasn't even started his real season.

I love you

Elder Hall

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