Monday, September 19, 2016

The Bamboo Train

 Here's a video of Wyatt and his district on the Bamboo Train:

Bamboo Train ride
click here to view the video.
This week the highlight of the week was teaching a LA who is the son-in-law of the branch president. All of his family around him are members. He has been to the temple; however, he fell. He really won't talk to anyone about it except for the elders, and his family feels really worried about him. And I do too. I feel like I can relate to him really strongly. Almost more strongly than anyone I have ever met in my mission. I am looking for the reason I got called to BB, and I think he is it. He is very open with the elders, and every lesson we have with him is spirit filled, but he is so afraid to talk to the branch president, because it's his father-in-law. We shared with him in D&C 128:22, which was meant to pump him up, and I thought it worked, but he didn't come to church on Sunday. This is gonna be a marathon--not a sprint.
Also, our newest potential investigator is meeting with us at 5 tonight, and we are inviting the district 1st counselor and the branch president to help teach since they are all about the same age. The new investigator was found through English class, and he has been to church twice. He felt something special in the spiritual thought at English class, which caused him to want to learn. He actually told the elders that if he hadn't felt what he did during the spiritual thought, he wouldn't have requested to learn. He drives a car, too, so he could obviously be a good help to the members.
The Siam Reap exchange was last Thursday and Friday. Because of that exchange I have made it all the way around the lake! All the missionaries in Siam Reap are doing great and I got to see Chanda who is one of my RCs [= recent converts] from when I was serving there. I had planned on calling him to meet him one more time, but he ended up being at the church, which was good because he said his phone number had changed a couple times. He is now serving as the executive secretary and has one more year of school left and then plans on leaving on a mission. I was super excited to see him, and I think he was glad that he could understand me when I speak now. Haha.
I love you, mom!
Elder Hall

P.S. Also, do I really look fat? Because that would make me super happy. I have noticed that my cheeks look fatter, because I saw a picture of me at BYU and I looked way more skinny. I thought I was just getting stronger, though. I do lots of pushups with eEder Kheav. He likes pushups.

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