Thursday, September 1, 2016

Update from Battambang

I think part of being on a mission requires you to improve in almost every aspect of your life at least just a little. If you want to come out a lot more humble, you focus on it; if you want to come out with more charity, you focus on it. So yes. The bad weeks on a mission can tear down even the most prideful people.

Rainy season started a month ago--the official calendar rainy season. This year it isn't raining as much as its supposed to, so lots of the rice in Battambong is dying. But, I think in the past week it rained 2 or 3 times. It rained really hard last night. It's nice because of the lower temperatures, but now I just get muddy all the time since the new bikes aren't beach cruisers.

I don't live near the Spencers but they are very involved in the missionary work, which I am very thankful for. The Spencers are always out and about hastening the work. So that's why they are always taking pictures. Also, I spend almost half my days translating little bits and pieces for Elder Spencer now, so I'm always around him. When you're in the provinces with a senior couple like this, it makes time fly and the work gets a lot easier.

A big thank you to the Spencers for this pic and the next!

On Tuesday we went to Phnom Sompov (Ship Hill). It looks like a ship. But on one side there is a cave where 13 million bats live, and every night they fly out of the cave at 6 o'clock. So we proselyted in the morning so we could go see the bats fly out.

Wyatt always loved digging holes in our backyard!

Aside from that we got a referral from a returning less active and he seemed promising. I can't wait to follow up. He unfortunately didn't come to church, because he works on Sundays but that can be solved. 

I love you mom!

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