Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Training and Baby Duck Egg Soup

At the senior couple missionaries' home for a meal. Thank you Spencers!

This week was a little less proselyting than usual. On Monday at about noon we had to head down to the city for MLC (Mission Leadership Conference?). It took about 7 hours to get down. Before my mission 7 hours in a car was no problem, but now I get the biggest headaches when I'm in a car for more than 2 hours. Then Tuesday morning we had MLC and afterwards we headed back up. I'm at a weird stage in the mission where all the people that I used to talk to are all gone. They're either in America or they are training. Then Saturday we had Zone training which went well. In our zone we have 6 new trainees. 

We have found a new investigator who is from a part member family. Their family was baptized a while ago and this girl was too young to get baptized. Then they became less active for a while and have since been coming to church pretty regularly. They want us to teach their daughter so she can get baptized. We are taking this as an opportunity to let her cousins (who are about to leave on missions) to teach her all the lessons. It's good practice, because she's already read the Book of Mormon before and knows everything.

Does anyone else think Wyatt looks like he's put on weight?

Last week I probably spent about 6 hours translating. There was one meeting where I had to translate all this marriage/government stuff, so that night I spent an hour or two digging a little deeper into that kind of vocab.

Found this picture on Elder Slavens' blog.

In Battambang I have only found one thing that's regional in the cuisine, and this is the baby duck egg soup. I guess you could also count the ice cream sandwich that this one American restaurant has. I haven't had the baby duck egg soup yet. but the sisters went to get it and said it was good. 

There are a couple historical sights. Phnom Sompov was one of them. It has a couple big artillery guns on the top of it and the huge cave in the middle of it was used in the Pol Pot regime for dumping dead bodies. There is also a bamboo train. I actually haven't really looked into it a lot. Our p-days are pretty full though so it's good.

From Elder Slavens: Wyatt, Elder Osborne, Elder Slavens, President Christensen
Zone training was good. I hope all the new kids could take away from that zone training that they need to study the language more. That's what I understood from my first zone training when I couldn't understand a word my zone leader Elder Nhum said. 

BTW: email has been limited to an hour and a half now. I'm thankful for this rule, because now it means when my companion takes forever on email I don't have to bother him to quit. So don't get mad at me for taking less time to email now. 

I love you mom!

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