Thursday, November 3, 2016

390 Cars Washed

Time for a haircut, Wyatt

The car wash was superb. There were 390 vehicles that got washed--including a Bentley Continental and a few Range Rovers, and President's Prado. I got to talk to the guy who owned the Bentley (Edward), who wasn't Khmae at all. He is from New York and lives in Cambodia to manage his several businesses and mango farms--cool guy. A lot of the people came from other areas, but there was one or two that were promising in our area. We will do more follow up when they pick their phone up. 

Elder Bullough, Wyatt, Elder Christensen

The guy that said he loved Jesus in English class last week didn't show up to church yesterday, so we invited him to a party at the church today. So we will see what happens. 

There is about once a week where everything falls through. That was my thorn last week. We just have to re-filter the people we are teaching. It's also a good wake up call to having back up, back up plans. 

Elder Christensen is getting a lot better at Khmae every week. All the members love him. Our bishop is a sort of shy person and will never make eye contact with me. He only asks questions to Elder Christensen. Also he is super cool and I wish he didn't have so much time left on his mission so we could go do mountain stuff together. He's really funny.

Sorry. I was gonna take a video of going to the market this morning buuuuuuut forgot. I don't have a camera so I don't really know how I'm gonna send you pictures for the rest of my mission [I'm thankful for a member in Cambodia who posted these pics on facebook!]. It's all just the same city anyways [Editor's note: As if it's the city I want to see! haha].


P.S. Oh yeah and tell Keith that he is looking super jacked. Oh and Calvin is lookin' big too, but Keith, man, what's he been doing?

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