Tuesday, November 29, 2016

True Conversion

These first 3 pics are from a while ago, but never made it onto a blog post

Update on our investigators: We will start with Sok Hour. He is progressing probably the most out of all of them. He is a self-referral, and we have been teaching him for the past 3 or 4 weeks. He came to church last week and this week, but he has attended a total of 5 wards. Man, this guy loves church so much. He has several problems, but he has repeatedly told us that he knows that the Atonement of Jesus Christ can help him. He also has anxiety (or something) that he probably gets because he has to sit at a desk for 15 hours a day, so that's why he loved church so much. 

Yuly is another progressing investigator. He is from English class. He is reading a lot and attending church. We just need him to be a little less converted to the young women in the ward and a little more converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The investigator I connect the most with is probably Sopheap. He has a lot of questions and actually takes in what we teach him and matches it up with what he believes to be true. He actually ponders and "experiments upon the word," which is great. He is also progressing; unfortunately. he wasn't able to come to church, because he was visiting his hometown over the weekend, but we are going to meet him tonight to hopefully set a baptismal date with him. 

My backpack is long gone. I used just a bucket on the back of my bike for a while, but it wasn't very practical, so I bought a fanny pack that is exactly the size of a Book of Mormon, the Bible, and 5 pamphlets and whatever other papers I need. Now there are like 5 people in my zone that have fanny packs. It's the best way to do work here. 

The fanny pack making a comeback...

This week I will focus on the process of finding true conversion, since most of our investigators have received all the lessons, and maybe are ready for baptism, but I want to make sure that they are all truly ready to be servants of Jesus Christ for the rest of their lives. I read a classic scripture this morning that sort of pointed me in the right direction: Helaman 3:35, so I will review fasting and put a higher priority on it with my investigators. In order for the Spirit to testify of fasting (which is what brings true conversion), I will prepare myself for the lessons with the Spirit and stay away from temptations. 

Also two girls that I baptized moved to America. I thought of them again the other day, because I saw them in a Liahona conference edition on page 30 in the talk that's about the guy that almost fell off the cliff in Peru or whatever.

Thank you for your prayers mommy. I am having fun out here and its crazy to think i only have 6 months left!

Elder Hall


[I included this exchange between Wyatt and his 9-year-old sister, because it was too cute.]

Dear Wyatt,
   You have 330 days until you go home from your mission!
Sorry I haven’t emailed you in a while.
We made a lot of plans for when you come home! Be ready to have babes fried chicken (probably).
Ask me questions like what has happened lately?
On thanksgiving I had a lot of turkey, ham, and jello salad. Did you know I don’t like mashed potatoes or stuffing?
What usualy is your favorite part of thanksgiving. I am very thankful you are my brother and that you are a present missionary.
How long has your mission felt like? Honestly to me it hasn’t been that long.
I went shopping at the mall on black Friday, I got a selfie stick that I was going to give Meredith but she said she didn’t want a selfie stick. I also got her “paint nollish.” I also want to get her a cowboys beanie because Meredith said she wanted something cowboys. If you are wondering why I keep on talking about Meredith’s gifts it is because I picked her name.
Do you want me to get you anything for Christmas? Because I would love to get you something.
Please ask me questions!!!!!!
                                 Love your lovely sister,
                                     Sofie Hall
Wait why dont you like mashed potatoes or stuffing?!?!?! I love stuffing so much thats my favorite and moms sweet potato souffle, but I havent had that in 2 years. Maybe Ill have to wait for next thanksgiving unless mom makes it for christmas. I dont want you to get me anything for christmas. I just want you to hug me when I come home

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