Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wyatt's latest...

I bought 3 papayas for a dollar fifty; are you jealous? Also, Cambodian papaya is way better than whatever that is in America.

Well, this week my comp had his birthday! On Monday we got to meet with a kid we knew from English class, and he actually brought 3 of his friends, so we started teaching them all. It was sick. Then later we got another kid from English class named Yuli. Our English class pulls like 120 people a week. Almost all of them want to have the missionary lessons after we teach them English.

All of our investigators that have a baptism date are set for Dec. 24, which was sort of my strategy so I have motivation right up to the end. The teaching is going alright. Yesterday started the boat race festival where everyone just leaves to go to the provinces, so not a lot of our investigators were able to meet later in the week. And attendance for sacrament meeting was low. But one of our investigators named Pailin came to church and is progressing well. My companion is getting a lot better at speaking the language, and if he had to, he could teach the lessons by himself. In fact, the transfer call last night said that we are going to be companions still. So he is my last companion! I also called Elder Q in Battambong and he said that almost all the investigators that we had given dates to were baptized last week. That was good news. 
Also, on Wednesday Nimol, Bopeta, and Savery [Wyatt taught them in Pochentong] showed up to English class! It was such a good day. I was really happy I got to see them again. We also planned a night time dinner appointment there for my last Tuesday in country. Their neighbor also called me and told me, "My son, I'm reading the scriptures and praying; do you believe me?" Hahaha. When I was serving in Pochentong, she didn't really have any interest, but the elders that are there right now are apparently doing good work, so I'm happy.  

One thing that we have been doing more of lately is walking and contacting. My companion really likes to do it, and while it doesn't really get super good results, it is an incredibly effective way to learn the language.
It's really cool to be able to know like half the members in all the country, because now anywhere I go in Cambodia I've got friends and family. I also realized that in most of my areas there was at least one woman that volunteered to be my Cambodian mom, so I guess you've got some competition mom.
Alright--I'm going to make the next 42 days the best 42 days of my mission!
Elder Hall

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